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Together, we can tell someone's story, gather resources and meet a real need.

What breaks your heart? That powerful question drives aLittleBirdie.org, a 501(c)(3) which is both

Who We Are

We are Kevin and Carol Nisly – the hands and hearts behind aLittleBirdie.org. Our family of six is creative, capable, loud, conscience-minded, free-spirited and sometimes short tempered. In other words, we are ordinary people who deal with ordinary issues, just like you. But sometimes, people face challenges that seem anything but ordinary. In fact, without help, problems can feel insurmountable. We've been there. And because we were blessed by others' generosity and thoughtfulness early in our marriage, we adopted this idea of giving back (anonymously whenever possible) to those in need around us. In 2011 the "idea" became more. It became aLittleBirdie.org, a non-profit organization with a simple mission: See a need. Fill a need.

What We Do

At aLittleBirdie.org, we act as a conduit to help you raise awareness and resources for someone in need. It might be a smaller, more immediate need, such as groceries, gas or home repairs. It could also be a significant need, like reliable transportation, major medical expenses, funeral costs or extended loss of income.

Anyone can fill out an application. However, in our most successful campaigns, we have partnered with someone who is personally invested in the cause and backed by an extended network of family and friends who are willing to spread the word.

We also target specific times of the year – such as Mother's Day and Christmas – to share simple gifts of love with people in Akron and surrounding areas.

What You Can Do

Not only can you complete an application , you can also

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Who are we helping right now?

What breaks your Heart? These stories broke ours. 

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Since June 2012, 900+ donors have given over $80,000.00 to help people in need


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