Sponsor a Child This Christmas

Help Provide a Merry Christmas for those who Have Less.

Each year aLittleBirdie.org helps families who are not able to provide Christmas presents for their children. These families are nominated by someone who sees their needs and fills out an application on our site for assistance from our non-profit. 


This year we have over 40 children who we are buying presents for. We go to great lengths to provide gifts that are meaningful to each child, and also that fulfill their needs. Along with a group of volunteers, we wrap each present, and hand deliver them to the folks in need. 

This year, we are offering you an opportunity to be part of this incredible experience by sponsoring one or more children. Its easy, select the number of kids you want to help, and make a donation. All of the proceeds will go directly to families in need this Christmas. 








We spend (on average) $75-$100 per child. Please consider helping us out and sharing this page on Facebook. 

Number of sponsorships
1 - $75    2 - $150
3 - $225  4 - $300
5 - $375  6 - $450
7 - $525  8 - $600 
      Thanks ~ aLittleBirdie.org   




Number of kids left to Sponsor - 21.  

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Since June 2012, 1000 donors have given almost $130,000.00 to help other  people in need