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Imagine a doctor telling you that in order to save your life, your right leg needs to be amputated. And you had to make up your mind within the 24 hours. How would you feel? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Deb this past September. After doing some intense soul searching, she agreed to the surgery. Deb was diagnosed at age 3 with juvenile diabetes and for over 50 years she’s been fighting this battle. And at times it’s been a losing one. She’s battled with glauc

oma, cataracts, diabetic coma, Cushing syndrome and circulatory issues in both of her legs and feet, all of which has resulted in many hospital stays throughout the years. Two years ago, Deb had fractured her right leg as the bone had severely deteriorated from charko foot. This set off a downward spiral of high fevers coupled with high blood sugar levels which left the doctors puzzled. During this time, she had multiple ulcers on her right leg that were able to heal but at the end of August a dime size ulcer grew exponentially overnight exposing bone. She was immediately taken to her orthopedic surgeon and in a few hours she was placed in an isolated hospital room as she was diagnosed with methicillin-resistent staphylococcus aureus or better known as MRSA. That’s when Deb’s team of doctors presented her with the ultimatum of either losing her leg or losing her life. Unfortunately, the medical bills have already been adding up! Deb humbly asks for your support. ANY donation is greatly appreciated. She also asks that you keep her in your thoughts prayers and she will do the same for you. 


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