Jon and Ruthie Clark

A father, husband and friend to many - fighting with cancer

Jon and his wife, Ruthie have two young daughters and live in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Before they were married, Jon lived in South Africa for a period of time and Ruthie worked on Mercy Ships. They started their marriage off by living and working as missionaries in Kenya, Africa for a little under two years.   Shortly after the birth of their second daughter, Jon discovered a tumor in his chest. Within a two to three-week period of time surgery was scheduled.

When Jon was 17, he was diagnosed with cancer and as a result he lost his right index finger. Following that surgery, he went through intensive radiation and chemotherapy for a year.  Now nineteen years later a new tumor, which was a different type than the first one, started growing in a section of his chest where he previously had radiation.  The only treatment for this new tumor would have been radiation but the doctors believed it came from the previous radiation treatment.  Therefore, they didn’t want to give more radiation initially!  The only other solution was surgery.  To remove the tumor, they had to take 25% of his pectoral muscle.  The next step will involve MRIs and Cat Scans every three months for several years to make sure nothing is growing back.

I have known Ruthie since she was 13 and I had the privilege of watching her grow up, find a great husband and start a family.  The word cancer conjures up all kinds of fears so when I heard the news lots of thoughts came up for me.  But for Jon, he knew firsthand what it could mean! My husband I decided we wanted to bless them somehow.  So please consider donating to help with Jon’s medical expenses. 

Your donation will help alleviate the financial aspect as well as deeply bless them as they deal with the emotional roller coaster of this journey.

- Written By Friends, Aaron and Christina

Make a donation in care of Jon, Ruthie and Family.

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Make a donation in care of Jon, Ruthie and Family.

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