Ways to Love


There are so many ways you can help us fill the needs of everyday people by picking up an extra item at the grocery store or donating your professional services. Below you will find a list of New/Unused items we are always in need of. 



If you would like to donate a professional service please email us at: info@aLittleBirdie.org. Please include the Name of Company, your specific trade or skill (plumbing, handyman service, electrician, etc.), and what service you are donating (2 hours of work, free service call and diagnostic, etc.).  We will add the name to our Database and call you when there is a need.  Thank You!



If you would like to add items to our shelves, please email us at: info@aLittleBirdie.org.  Please include the items you are donating and we will arrange a pick up of those items.  Thank You!


NEW Children's toys from 1 year-12 years
NEW Baby clothes infant-2 year, non-gender, Boy, & Girl
Diapers, wipes, formula
Walmart Gift Cards
Children's art supplies/school supplies
Adult Toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrush, combs, shampoo/conditioner, lotion
Winter hats and gloves, children-adult
Spaghetti Sauce
Rigatoni Pasta

Click here to see a list of people we are currently helping.

Finally you can email us at: info@aLittleBirdie.org if you are interested in becoming part of the "team" or donating your time.  We are looking for "Messengers" to Pick-up and Deliver items.  Please send us your Name, Location and times available and we will add you to our Database.  Thank You!