The Plight of Sam. So far over $21,000.00 raised!

Help a young boy and his family in their battle with leukemia

Update on Sam: "Agonal breathing. Preparing for last rites. Please pray." 9/6/2013

His time here is short, please pray for hsi family.

Here is the Story of Sam as told by Sam's Meme, Barbara.

Sam is eleven years old and mad about building with Legos.  He and his twin brother, Joe create all sorts of clever figures and inventions. Sam runs very fast, and enjoys it when the family visits a nearby arboretum.  He received the top reading award in the fifth grade this past June. 

This summer, a virus circulated through Sam’s extended family.  It lasted about a week in everyone who got it.  Abbey and Mike, Sam’s parents, and Claire his sister, each got it, along with Sam.  But Sam couldn’t manage to kick it.  Abbey took him to the doctor on July 5th, and received the stunning diagnosis that he has leukemia.  Obviously, the shock waves are reverberating throughout the family.

The prognosis is good, but he will receive intensive chemotherapy for eight weeks. The typical regimen for his type of leukemia then,  is more chemo for three and a half years.  

Abbey and Mike have their own business, Staff of Life Baking Company, for which Abbey is the sole baker.  She sells artisan breads at several farmers markets and is known for the high quality of her product.  It has been a growing business, but the family income depends upon her, and when she can’t bake, there isn’t any income. Right now, she and Mike must be with Sam, and also spend extra time with Joe and Claire as well.  Travel time to the hospital is three hours, round trip.  They are stretched to the limit physically and financially.

I’m Abbey’s mom, Barbara, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to present this situation to you.  Any financial help that you are able to offer will be a blessing to this family as it continues to face these serious circumstances.  If you are so inclined, prayers for Sam’s recovery and for the family will be deeply appreciated.











All Proceeds go directly to the Plight of Sam.

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All Proceeds go directly to the Plight of Sam.