What happens to my donation?

Thought you might want to know how we use your hard earned money.

aLittleBirdie.org Inc. is a 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible. You will receive an almost instant receipt when making a donation. For individuals or businesses who donate over $500 in a calendar year, we will send out a year end statement.

There are several different "donation" buttons throughout the site. These fall into two main categories:

  •  "Subscribe" - This button  allows you to set up a recurring donation amount. These regular monthly donation amounts are set up by you, and will continue until you would like to stop. You can designate where your money will be used. You can choose,  "The general fund" a "specific need" or the "most pressing need"

  • "Donate" - This is a one time only contribution When you click on one of these buttons, You will be taken to a PayPal.com page. You will see our company name, "aLittlebirdie.org" and the name of the specific need your money will be given to. You can pay through a credit card, a check, or your PayPal account.

If you have selected the donate button on a page that tells the story of a specific need, your donation will go directly to the person or family in need after one of three things happen (See below) There will be a small percentage (about 2.5%) taken by PayPal.com for each transaction and another small processing fee placed by aLittleBirdie.org of about 7.5%. The 7.5% is used to defray the cost of running the site the organization, and helping others. We send the other 90% directly to the person in need.

Funds are distributed after one of three things happen:
  1. Donations reach a predetermined amount for that specific campaign. 
  2. The person or family makes a request for the funds 
  3. We see that donations for a specific campaign have ceased or slowed to the point of only one donation a month. 

General fund Donations

All donations made to our general fund will be used at our discretion. We often have small local needs that do not get coverage on the web site. These smaller needs are often food, gas cards, diapers or car parts that we do not specifically raise money for, but instead pull from our general fund. 

The general fund also provides us with the necessary things to make our organization run. We have cost associated with the website, computers, printers, gas, storage lockers (to store donations) etc. About 70% of general fund donations go to people in need and about 30% is used to keep alittleBirdie.org running. 

We run on a purely volunteer basis, no one gets a pay check around here, we do this to follow Christ's example of loving others in need. 

Questions on how this works? Please email us at info@aLittleBirdie.org


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