Father Fights to Keep New Kidney, Pancreas

We reached our goal! $2,000.00 received! Thanks you!

Mike needs $2,000 by August 17th to order his supply of anti-rejection medication for the month of September and avoid the risks associated with not taking these medications.

Mike Jamison enjoys hunting with his sons, building clocks in his workshop, and volunteering with the men in his church in local service projects. But his buoyant attitude, sense of humor, and strong handshake belie the challenges he’s endured.

Mike has suffered from the effects of diabetes for 45 years and required dialysis three times per week for the last ten of those years. Even with careful management, his health gradually declined making it nearly impossible to provide for his family until eventually this energetic father could no longer walk without assistance.

Then in 2010, after years of praying, waiting, and trusting God, Mike received a life-giving kidney transplant followed by a pancreas in 2012.

Mike struggled through the anticipated short-term challenge of the transplants and was overjoyed when his body did not reject the precious new organs. Finally free from the debilitating effects of diabetes, Mike is carefully rebuilding his muscle mass at the Massillon YMCA. This has enabled him to not only walk on his own, but to spend time outdoors again with his sons, and to secure employment at the Massillon Menard’s where he can put his work ethic and handyman expertise to good use supporting his family again.

Mike’s new organs are sustained by daily anti-rejection medications that cost him $2,000 per month. Without this medication, the new organs are likely to stop working, leaving Mike in a worse situation than before the transplants. He has been able to manage the expense of his medications until now, but his resources have been exhausted leaving him with a one-month gap (September) until he is eligible for health insurance with his employer.

“My sons will be 14 this year and I don’t even want to think about what comes next if I can’t keep going. I have been praying that God will take care of things as he has in my life so far.”



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