Morgan's quest for a life saving companion - $400 received to date.

A Mom's Plea - "I would pay any price to keep my children alive"

Morgan is fourteen years old and loves to write short stories, listen to music, play her flute and has just started learning to play the guitar.  She hopes to be published one day, and aspires to be a psychologist, forensic scientist or a surgeon.

When Morgan was ten years old, she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes (also known as Juvenile Diabetes).  Since that time, her life has been consumed with taking blood tests, checking her sugar levels, and trips to the doctor and hospital.  Recently, her blood sugar levels sky-rocketed and Morgan went into Diabetic Ketoacidosis.  Our local hospital cannot handle the severity of her case, so she had to be transferred to Richmond for treatment in their pediatric ICU.

 Morgan’s family and friends are working diligently to raise support to purchase a Diabetic Alert Dog for Morgan.  These dogs are trained to detect when blood sugar levels drop, since patients often cannot tell.  These dogs save lives!  The cost needed is about $30,000.  The community has raised about $18,000 and we would love to see Morgan united with her dog in the next few months!

I would pay any price to keep my children alive.  I am asking others to consider helping to raise the funds to keep Morgan alive and safe!  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Our Goal - $2,000

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