Chad Jr. (Canton Ohio)

Now it's our turn to fight for Chad

This story is about a boy named Chad.  Chad has endured more hardship in his 4 ½ years of life than most of us can even imagine.  He was born premature and spent the first 3 months of his life in the hospital.  He was born with 30% of his brain, blind, Hydrocephalus, with cerebral Palsy and uses a feeding tube because he cannot swallow.  He also has a seizure disorder.  

At 4 months old the state declared Chad’s parents unable to take care of him and gave permanent custody to his grandparents.  He was sent home from the hospital and put in hospice care with only 6 months to live.  That was not acceptable for his Papa and Nana who fought for him for 2 years giving him CPR, oxygen, and suctioning the fluids from his throat.  Since then he has had hernia surgery and both of his legs cut in 2 with a wedge taken out and then screwed back together so when he sits down his hips do not pop out of there sockets. Chad’s Papa even took 9 months of nursing classes to learn how to better care for Chad.  They choose to love Chad and continue to take care of him daily.  Chad will be 5 in February.

While Chad and his grandparents are refusing to give up, their life continues to get harder daily.  His Nana had to leave her job in order to take care of Chad and as of April his Papa is no longer able work. Because Chad has grown so big his Nana can no longer carry him easily in out of the house. 

This family needs so many things, and we would liek to help with two of them. They need to build a wooden ramp so that Chad can easily be taken in out of the home. And they need a larger car seat for Chad. Please consider donating to this family who has been fighting for Chad’s life for almost 5 years.  Let’s show this family that if we all pull together and give a little we can fight this battle with them. Thank you for considering helping.



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