It's our turn to help someone who has helped so many.

The creator of Ohioans for Educational Freedom and the organizer of the Life Chain in Stark County Now needs our help in his wife's fight with cancer.

The Stevenson Family is from Canton Ohio.  Mark and Diane have four grown children.  Recently Mark found himself unemployed and got the news that Diane has breast cancer.  It has been hard on the family, but they are staying very positive.  As you can imagine the medical bills are starting to come in and the pressures of not having an income to help cover those costs are becoming a burden.  We are asking for donations of any amount to go towards the medical costs they foresee in the near future.

Mark has been very active in his community. He founded Ohioans for Educational Freedom, has been involved in the leadership of local home school support group called CHESCA (Christian Home Educators Stark County Assn.) for 24 yrs. Also, he has been an associate pastor for a number of years in a local church and a minister with the Interdenominational Ministerial Association in Stark County. He is also the former Executive Director of Right to Life of Stark County. 

He does as much as he can to reach out and help those around him.  Now it is time for us to come together and help Mark and his family.  Thank you for taking the time to hear their story and for donating to this deserving family. 

Here is an update from Mark on Monday, December 10, 2012

We had the appointment with the surgeon this morning. It was lengthy, close to 2 hours. He said the MRI shows masses in three regions of the left breast and the only option is a mastectomy. What a bombshell.

Diane would like to do it asap. We have to set up a consult with a plastic surgeon for a reconstruction. Then, the plastic surgeon and our surgeon have to get their schedules together for the surgery. We do not know how long it will take to get this to happen. Maybe a couple of weeks. Maybe before the end of the month. During surgery, they will biopsy the sentinel lymph node, if they can locate it, for the pathologist to determine any cancer, there. If they cannot locate it, they take the whole lymph node gland.

This was not what we expected, but our family is engaged in this fight. We all were at the appointment today. Right now there is nothing anyone can do, except pray. And we are believers in prayer. At the time of scheduled surgery, we will let you know more.

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