2013 Guatemala Trip

Our Goal: $16,000 - Donations received so far - $12,200
All money donated will go directly to the purchase of materials for this trip. We are focusing on three major efforts during this trip.

1. Building Houses Most people in developed countries take for granted the homes they have. In Guatemala many families, and often multiple generations live together in make-shift tin covered dirt floor shacks.The new houses are for Widows and orphans, and offer a safe and clean environment. We are building 5 houses at a cost of $2200 each. These homes are produced by Gulf Coast Supply and manufacturing.  

2. Wheelchairs - Malnutrition and lack of prenatal care cause the majority of physical handicaps seen in Guatemalan children. As infant mortality rates decrease more children are living longer and are in need of access to quality wheelchairs. The availability and attention given to the proper fitment of custom wheelchairs can vastly improve the quality of life for these disabled children and the families that care for them.

The team will be donating funds for wheelchairs and participating in distributions and fitment clinics for children who will be brought to Hope Haven Guatemala's factory from the local orphanage.

Not only can we bless people who need these chairs, but we employ local people to build these chairs. Each chair cost about $125 to produce. The chairs for adults are refurbished chairs brought to Guatemala from the US.

3. Building Cooking Stoves - In Guatemala respiratory infections and diarrhea are the two leading causes of death among children younger than 5 years old. Families cook over open fires in close proximity to living quarters. Providing safe and efficient cooking stoves helps to improve the air quality for the children in their homes. These stoves also reduce the amount of wood needed to cook a meal. We will be donating and installing these safe, high-efficiency cook stoves for needy families in the outer rural towns.






All Doantions go toward the 2013 Trip.

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