5/5/2013 The Plight of Sam

Update from the Family

Hello, friends: Thank you for your prayers last night. Within a short while, the fever was receding, his oxygen level was normal, and he was laughing and joking again. It is our understanding that this was caused by a brand-new, chemo-enhancing drug that Sam is taking. He'll be taking it every 72 hours until the 15th, but he'll be given medication beforehand to minimize these unpleasant side effects.

We still want to keep this page primarily for the bakery. We do have a Caring Bridge page set up for Sam (www.caringbridge.org/visit/samwhetzel) but are wondering if it would be good to also have a quick, easy to update and "share" page here on Facebook for Sam? Let us know what you think.

- Abbey



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The Plight of Sam

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